20 May 2008

Really stupid stuff, part two

Being a tourist town not too far from Minnesota, from time to time, we get people coming through here with this interesting bumper sticker on their cars. It says
WWWD: What Would Wellstone Do?
I admired Paul Wellstone, and I thought he was a good senator, if a bit liberal for my taste. I might have even voted for him once, but I don't remember for sure. But this is a really dumb bumper sticker.

I don't know why I think about these things, but I have often mused that I would like to create some other bumper stickers that would comment on the bumper stickers already existing on a car and helpfully add them to someone else's bumper. If I were to do so, when I saw a bumper sticker that said, "WWWD" I would add a bumper sticker that said:
Smell pretty bad right about now.

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