12 March 2008

Worth Quoting in Full - 2

Also from WSJ, the best analysis of the Spitzer collapse:

Quote of the Day II

"It's not just schadenfreude -- Spitzer's foes reveling in his suffering. It's that Spitzer became governor largely thanks to his many hyper-publicized cases against Wall Street titans like Dick Grasso and Hank Greenberg -- cases that he pursued by going after everything and everyone connected with his targets, no matter how personal, by leaking constantly to the press and by making his own nasty, off-hand public comments. Keep in mind, Spitzer was charging Dick Grasso with making too much money.... [W]hen Grasso refused to settle, Spitzer's 'investigation' wound up probing whether Grasso had had sex with his secretary and fathered a child out of wedlock. The apparent effort to beat Grasso into submission included threats of tawdry press leaks about alleged personal indiscretions -- allegations Grasso denies, and for which little evidence ever materialized" -- CNBC reporter Charles Gasparino, writing in the New York Post.

For what it is worth, I pity the man and his family. I do not expect to address it again, as he is but one sinner among billions.

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