24 March 2008

Poetic Justice

First let me say that I do not believe that photos or videos of the intimate acts between a couple (between a couple... is that good grammar?) should ever be made public without the consent of both parties. I believe that the current culture in which people become famous for making sex tapes and having them posted on Internet, with or without their permission, is part of a grotesque coarsening of our society.

However, let it also be said that this coarsening has been driven and accelerated by the entertainment media. One of theprime examples of that has been HBO's Sex and the City. While I have never seen it, all reports indicate that it is very cleverly written, but that the characters spend all their time totally preoccupied with sex.

Therefore it strikes me as poetic justice that one of the actresses whom a great deal of money on that program, Kristin Davis, now finds herself caught up in a sex photos on the Internet fight. It is unfortunate that the woman finds herself in a position of having to deny these photos are her, but since the publication of such photos is one result of the coarsening of society which has enriched Ms. Davis, I have a hard time feeling too terribly bad for her.

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