14 February 2008

What a load of crap!

This just appeared on the AP wire on MSNBC.com

Let me say that I'm glad they've figured out to do something about this satellite, and I'm glad that the military has an excuse to test our anti-satellite capability, but the whole thing has been pretty silly. Satellites have been falling back to Earth for 50 years, and no one has ever been hit by one. This has been media hype, fed by the Pentagon, in extremus.

Something else: I have been interested in all things military since I was in junior high. I remember articles in some magazine-it might have been Strategy&Tactics or it might have been Discover-dating back into my high school or college days that discussed the fact that the United States and the Soviet Union both had developed the capability of shooting down each other's satellites.

Now this silly AP story makes this claim:

Shooting down a satellite is particularly sensitive because of the controversy surrounding China's anti-satellite test last year, when Beijing shot down one of its defunct weather satellites, drawing immediate criticism from the United States and other countries. A key concern at that time was the debris created by Chinese satellite's destruction...

What a load of crap! The concern that was expressed at the time of the Chinese missile test had to do with the balance of power and a possible Chinese capability to disable our ability to see what they were going to do in places like the Taiwan Strait. Anybody who thinks that the concern was falling debris has his head in the sand, and clearly did not listen to the stories or commentary that was run at the time.

What if AP stand for? All Phantasy?

PS: if you think that the Navy has to modify these missiles in order to hit a satellite, like they've never done it before, I've got some land to sell you, and it will never need watering...

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