14 February 2008

imagine that!

One of the more irritating songs ever is John Lennon's Imagine. It has become an anthem for baby boomers who sit around listening to it on their Bose stereo speakers while monitoring their E*TRADE portfolios on their home computers. It is in fact a rather lurid song that describes an atheistic, socialist Nirvana... as though capitalism and faith are the sources of all evil.

The hypocrisy of the song is evident in the fact that its author spent years in court battling over the very kinds of possessions he decries.

I also find that one of the more irritating individuals in the world today is Yoko Ono. Have you ever actually heard a Yoko Ono song? Trust me. You don't want to. Have you seen any of Yoko's art? I use the term loosely. Yet as a stand-in for her late husband, she gets all kinds of play. She even appeared at the opening of the last Winter Olympics?!? What was that about? Yoko Ono receives the sort of attention Truman Capote used to get, except that she has no portfolio in her distant past to merit it.

So I found this little piece rather amusing. It seems that there is a singer named Lennon Murphy who contacted Yoko a few years ago to ask if she could use just the name Lennon as her performance name, and Yoko gave her consent. I'm not sure why she asked Yoko, since I don't think Yoko or John ever asked the Lennon Sisters for permission to use their name... Yoko agreed. But now that Ms. Murphy seems to be on the cusp of making some money, Yoko suddenly gets all possessive about her late husband's name, which as far as I know she's never bothered to take.

Don't be so narrow-minded, Yoko. You do not and should not own a relatively common last name.

After all, even if you could own the name ... imagine: no possessions.

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