14 February 2008

Bad for our image... and a non sequitur

Barack Obama made a campaign stop in Madison, Wisconsin this week. It was the rally at which he proclaimed victory in the Potomac primary, and was useful for him as the Wisconsin primary is this coming Tuesday. He had the good sense to take his campaign to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a place sometimes referred to by folks around the state as the People's Republic of Madison. It was an audience that suited him well.

Putting more form, but no more substance, behind his theme of change,
Obama urged students to join his cause, stating, “Change doesn’t just happen from the top down; change happens from the bottom up.”
But then came this non sequitur:
The crowd of students broke out into applause in support of the candidate’s declarations. The group didn’t seem to mind that his speech focused more on his goals than his plans to accomplish them. He referred to John F. Kennedy, saying, “When JFK said we were going to the moon, nobody knew how we were going to do it. But, we set a goal, and we made it happen.”
Wait a minute! I thought change doesn't happen from the top down. So how did JFK set a goal of change ... and then accomplish it? Clearly the dynamics of change are more nuanced than Mr. Obama is letting on.

It is also interesting that even a UW-Milwaukee student reporter took note of Obama's failure to put any meat on his lofty goals.

And then... as if to drive home the fact that you can take a hick out of the sticks, and put him in a Big 10 university setting, but he will still be a hick, the reporter noted this:

Before the senator arrived, students were tossing around an inflatable cow above the crowd.
Just plain bad for our image as a state...

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