23 February 2008

As usual...

... this column by Dan Tomasson tells us more about the author than the subject he is writing about.
The next 11 months are likely to be the best argument for doing away with the constitutional two-term limit on the presidency and not because anyone would expect the current occupant of the Oval Office to seek a third go round but because he is prohibited from doing so makes him about as important in the scheme of things as the person who sweeps up the place at night.
Remember Rudy Giuliani in the weeks after 9/11? His term was expiring. His replacement had already been elected. Some people talked about the need to suspend the charter of the city of New York so that Rudy could stay on longer to guide us through the crisis. Giuliani correctly pointed out that as important as one individual can be, it is the strength and character of the American people that make the country flow.

President Bush will be unimportant only to those who decide he is unimportant.

Is anyone surprised that is a member of the MSM that thinks Bush is already unimportant?

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