23 February 2008

And speaking of the loonies at the NYT...

Gail Collins writes a silly piece today complaining that Satellite Assassination Quite Costly.

What is most silly about this is this statement:
Small, paranoid minds wondered if the government was not being completely forthright about its motives. The weapons the military mobilized to do the shooting are part of the missile defense system. Some people think the whole poison-gas story is just an excuse to give the Pentagon a chance to test its hardware.
What is most silly about this is that it is premised upon the notion that the military and intelligence services are obligated to tell us absolutely everything.

Collins seems to imply that the United States is divided into three groups of people:
  • small paranoid minds who think the government might not be completely forthright about its secret activities designed to keep us safe
  • normal people who will assume that that's an okay thing for the government to do
  • and, New Orc Times journalists and columnists who just don't get it that this is a dangerous world, and it is the governments job to protect us even, and here's the tricky part, if they have to do it in secret.

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