12 December 2007

A Truly Remarkable Statement

Cynthia McKinney visited my new home state this week. Apparently she is running for president. I'm not sure of what.

But this remarkable statement appeared in the Madison paper:
McKinney accused President Bush of ignoring warnings of the Sept. 11 attacks because friends in the defense industry would profit from a war. She has hosted numerous panels on Sept. 11 conspiracy theories, which Barrett champions.

"I asked a very innocent question," McKinney said Tuesday. "I asked what did the administration know and when did it know it about the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. And I was excoriated."

Who would have guessed that a woman who could not figure out how to show her security pass to the capital hill security guards would even know what excoriated meant!?!

And now, BTW, if they nominate her, the Green Party can give up any pretensions to seriousness.

06 December 2007

I lived in the Pacific NW too long

You can tell that I lived in the Pacific NW too long (12.5 of the last 19 years).

I saw this headline
Gates: Iran causes chaos ‘everywhere’ it turns
And thought, wow, what is Bill Gates doing talking about international affairs?

Then I saw the sub-headline:
U.S. defense chief urges Gulf nations to press Iran to renounce nuke arms
Oh. That Gates.