20 November 2007

a WHAT?!?

There is this story about a woman who is suing for divorce in Egypt because her husband refuses to bathe.

But the best reason given for filing for divorce is the last one listed of the unusual reasons:

- A sorcerer's wife filed for a divorce after he refused to give up his job.

She didn't know he was a sorcerer before the wedding? Why did she think he had on the pointy had with stars all over it?

Women. Always the same thing: marry a guy and then try to change him ....

16 November 2007

A strange sense of levity

So some boneheaded bridge players decided to make a political statement while receiving a championship award at the world bridge games.

Now this would be just a little silly, except for a comment one of them made, emphasis added, which indicates that it is very silly.

The players have been stunned by the reaction to what they saw as a spontaneous gesture, “a moment of levity,” said Gail Greenberg, the team’s nonplaying captain and winner of 11 world championships.

“What we were trying to say, not to Americans but to our friends from other countries, was that we understand that they are questioning and critical of what our country is doing these days, and we want you to know that we, too, are critical,” Ms. Greenberg said, stressing that she was speaking for herself and not her six teammates.

We are critical, but it is not a serious matter, it is, in fact, a source of excessive or unseemly frivolity!