10 September 2007

Appropriate and Dignified Commemorations

This is the sixth anniversary of thee 9/11 attacks. I have some questions about how long we will continue to agonize over this day, as Dan Henninger wrote in last week's WSJ. But we still are, so I would think that the morning news shows would focus on the commemoration.

After all, they were on live when the attack happened.

Katie, Matt, Ann and all are burned into my memory that morning, along with travel editor Peter Greenberg pointing out that the planes were all trans-continental flights so they were maxed out with fuel.

Of course I have moved on from NBC, as I detailed here.

But this morning, after an appropriate and respectful Fox & Friends, I went off the the gym to try and lose a little weight. I looked up and saw three women on the Today Show, and they were (according to the closed caption) saying things like "... on airplanes, in train stations, on buses, you have to be able to give a look ..." and I thought, wow a segment on how we have changed and the need to be on the alert in public places.


It was a segment called "Tips and secrets to dating men."

I guess the Today Show is completely over 9.11.

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