11 July 2007

To its absurd conclusion ...

I consider extreme feminism an extraordinarily silly enterprise.

This article simply proves my point:

Women demand female Pamplona bull run, with cows

Of course, the serious part about this has to do with different standards for the same job. A number of years ago, a would-be firefighter in Washington State got a judge to throw out the physical fitness test for the department that had refused to hire her because she could not lift x number of pounds because she was a girl. Never mind that there were other women on the force who had passed the test. And never mind that the inability to lift a certain amount of weight meant that you could not handle a firehose properly, and therefore would endanger yourself and other firefighters.

If you want a run with the bulls girls, run with the bulls. But don't run with cows and call it a bull run.

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