18 July 2007

James Taranto may not be omniscient after all

Opinionjournal.com's editor and columnist (Best of the Web Today) James Taranto is usually a pretty good prognosticator. And his humor amuses us.

As does his use of the royal plural.

In the 2004 election cycle, he got in the habit of writing poems, which he called Bye-ku's (inspired by Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone) for each of the Democratic candidates as they dropped out of the race. This year he is doing them for the Republicans as well, it seems. (This link contains the one for Jim Gilmore - 2008 Republican Candidate from ... Who knows or cares?). He also had them for 2004 for John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, John Edwards, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Joe Lieberman, Dick Gephardt, Carol Moseley Braun and Bob Graham.

Here is where is fortune telling skills have fallen down. On October 28, 2003, after penning the first of these for Graham, he said:

Who's next? We're guessing Kerry, after New Hampshire. As luck would have it, "served in Vietnam" is five syllables.

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