01 June 2007

Poor Mrs Speaker

I do feel bad for Mrs Andrew Speaker. She is all upset over the fact that her new husband is sick. And all these people are saying nasty things about him for selfishly putting dozens of people at risk for a potentially fatal infections disease.

Ok, maybe I don't feel sorry for her about that.

But what I really do feel sorry for her because she is now married to an arrogant, self centered jerk, who is willing to lie and put others at risk in order to get the best for himself.

Saith attorney / tuberculosis patient Andrew Speaker:

"I never would have put my family at risk, and my daughter at risk. I repeatedly asked my doctors, 'Is my family at risk? Is anybody at risk of this?"' Speaker said. "They told me I wasn't contagious and I wasn't dangerous."Speaker said he and his wife were "scared out of our minds" at the prospect of being indefinitely placed in an Italian hospital and dying there."I know people will judge it, it's natural human instinct to judge what other people do," Speaker said. "Truly, in our minds, we were told we were not a threat to the people around us and we wanted to get home."

So he would never put anybody at risk. And he was told he wasn't contagious, so he flew. Well, that might hold up except that:

Speaker, his new wife and her 8-year-old daughter were already in Europe when the CDC contacted him and told him to turn himself in immediately at a clinic there and not take another commercial flight. Speaker said he felt as if the CDC had suddenly "abandoned him." He said he believed if he didn't get to the specialized clinic in Denver, he would die.

So he did know he was dangerous, and was barred from flying from, and decided to drive to Prague, fly to Montreal (putting more people at risk knowingly) and sneak back to Denver. Except that he didn't. He went home to Atlanta. He just wanted to get home.

What a jerk.

While it is certainly true that the United States has some of the best health care in the world, he was in Italy, which is not too shabby as I understand these things. it is not like he was in Zimbabwe!

And finally, I wonder how many of his litigious clients this trial lawyer has counseled to forgive those who they want to sue instead...

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