16 May 2007

Paying to be the Spectacle

In Season 4, Episode 7 of Saturday Night Live, Father Guido Sarducci (aka Don Novello) appeared and related a story that had supposedly happened to him. This is not a quotation, but is my rememberance of it:
I was down in Miami, and I saw this sign that said Nude Wrestling. So I went in and this lovely young woman, she was very cute, you know, says to me, $50. So I gave her $50 and she took me to a room with a curtain and said take off all your clothes and wait for the bell to ring, then come out of the curtain. So I took off all my clothes and it was getting pretty cold in there because it took her a long time I was guessing. And the the bell rang, and I went out and I am standing there in the wrestling ring and there is another guy just come out of a room on the other side. And he's looking at me and I'm looking at him, and the girl is nowhere to be seen and then I figured out that he had paid $50 too. And we were naked. And we didn't really want to wrestle.
******On our day in the Magic Kingdom Theme Park, we heard these bells start to ring and music started to play and they announced a parade almost as soon as we got there. So we ran to the side of main street to get a view of the parade. But here is the twist:

The Family Day Parade consisted of people who had also paid $50 a person to come to the theme park, and then were invited as special guests to be part of the parade. So they paid $50 so that the rest of us who had paid $50 could watch them.

At least they were not naked. And we really didn't want to wrestle.

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