21 May 2007

Carter Again

Ok, first, Jimmy Carter says, during an interview about his new book of Sunday School lessons, that President Bush has the worst foreign policy in US history.

Then he backtracks and says that he was only comparing Bush's foreign policy to Nixon's foreign policy, and that he was "maybe careless."


Ok, but let's consider his fall back position.

While there was much to admire in Richard Nixon's foreign policy (though not perfect, it included reaching out to Mainland China, standing up to the Soviet Union, a rather conprehensive Latim American and African policy), Nixon's domestic troubles and his intentional foreign policies also led to his abandonment of the South Vietnamese, Cambodian and Lao peoples, handing them over to Communist oppressors, costing a couple of million Asian lives and dealing the United States its first military defeat.

Nixon was also the last of the U S presidents who could /would throw support to any brutal third world dictator simply because he was anti-communist. Carter campaigned on a human rights platform that rejected that aspect of U S policy and no president has followed it since.

Bush, on the other hand, stands by his policies in spite of how unpopular the war is and refuses to abandon the people of Iraq to internecine slaughter, thereby admitting a U S defeat where none yet exists.

And Carter thinks Nixon had the better foreign policy?

Not unless Carter was wrong about human rights (he wasn't) and American defeat and the slaughter of innocents is a good thing. (It isn't.)

As one of my few commenters said on another Carter post: Carter, what a clown.

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