10 April 2007

What conspiracy theories reveal about liberals

During the early years of the internet, one of my colleagues in ministry was discussing the benefits of the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) program, an encryption program being given away as shareware and reportedly considered a risk by some departments of the federal government, because it allowed the transfer of email and data between parties in what is deemed by some to be uncrackable code.

My colleague, from a more conservative denomination, was concerned about the government snooping into his private affairs. I asked, "What have we got to hide?" He responded, "It is the principle."

Now I always thought that a little crackpot, and have never bothered with PGP or anything else aside from transacting my business on-line on reliable websites.

But now I look at the conspiracy theories of the left, from the Rosie ODonnell and the 9/11 conspiracy nuts on up to the most recent, that a professor who has ben critical of the Bush Administration is singled out for screening at the airport (James Taranto has the story, a rebuttal and also a number of choice comments from the left side of blogoshpere).

Excurses: I hate the term Blogosphere. Why did I use it?

What these conspiracies reveal to me is that the Left really thinks that government is the answer. Why? Because they clearly believe that government is capable of all sorts of complex, nefarious which it will pull off in near total secrecy!

Only someone who believes in the efficaciousness of government would want to endow it with the authority that the left wants to in areas of economic control, taxation, medical care, etc.

When the Right wanted to do something really sneaky, Bill Casey sought to set up a parallel, off-book, non-governmental covert action agency, if Oliver North is to be believed.

The right knows how inept government is and tries to shrink it. The left believe government all-capable, and so blames it for everything.

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