02 March 2007

Truth of the matter is, I feel kind of sorry ...

for Britney Spears. She has been badly managed / handled and sold out (either in a passive victim sense or actively or both.) And after all the tales of self-fulfillment and worldly happiness have shown themselves to be part of false glamour of Satan's empty promises, she is one lost little girl. With two children, two ex-husbands and a world of hangers on/leeches.

While surfing channels one post football season Sunday afternoon, I came across TV Land's special, "The 50 Cutest TV Kids of All Time" or some such. What surprised me was how many of those kids grew up to have normal lives, given all that we read in the press. So this was not ineveitable.

But back to Britney.

This is the line in the story that caught my eye:
Miss Spears needs all the support she can get right now, considering she has an entire wing to herself at Promises, according to transworldnews.com. The pop star apparently doesn't want to mingle with other rehab patients, and she's afraid of stories and photos leaking to the media.
Now, finally, after
  • sleeping with Justin and tearfully confessing it
  • doing cheesecake music videos since she was a young teen
  • the 6 hour marriage
  • playing tonsil hockey with Madonna on national tv
  • K-Fed ('nuff said)
  • shaving her head in full view of the cameras
Suddenly NOW "she's afraid of stories and photos leaking to the media."

Well, I guess one has to start sometime.

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