03 March 2007

An Argument in Favor of the Death Penalty

Not my most pastorly post, but

Some people are just too stupid to live.

Case in point: Stephen Grant.

He and his wife are having marital difficulties. After a fight she takes off, he says. After she does not come home for several days, he files a missing persons report. He is widely indicated by the press as a suspect, but he maintains his innocence and his cooperation with police.

Now, three weeks after she disappeared, police find her torso in the garage. He is now considered a suspect, and he is on the run.

Never mind that I don't know why the garage was not searched before this...

This guy murders and dismembers his wife ... but forgets to despose of the largest piece of ... umm ... evidence? Get him out of the gene pool!

The Death Penalty: think of it as state sponsored Darwin Awards.

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