18 March 2007

Amateur Night

Remember back when the Senate was all up[ in arms because John Bolton might have talked tough to subordinates and about the U.N. in the past and therefore might be someone who might be prone to conduct unbecoming a diplomat?

Well, old John apparently had nothing on this guy:

...longtime diplomat, Tsuriel Raphael, has been removed from his post and the Foreign Ministry has begun searching for a replacement, said ministry spokeswoman Zehavit Ben-Hillel.

Two weeks ago, El Salvador police found Raphael naked outside his residence, tied up, gagged and drunk, Israeli media reported. He was wearing several sex toys at the time, the media said. After he was untied, Raphael told police he was the ambassador of Israel, the reports said.

Ben-Hillel said the reports were accurate and that Raphael has been recalled, although he did not break any laws.

"We're talking about behavior that is unbecoming of a diplomat," she said.

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