30 January 2007

Priorities, people!

The horse fell down and broke his leg.

Now, the horse has died.

I have nothing against the horse and I have nothing against horse owners. I feel bad for both of them in this case.

What bothers me intensely, however, is this comment from an interview:

Q: How much does this sort of surgery cost?

Vets have been coy on that subject, but surgeon Dean Richardson did concede that the care will cost "in the tens of thousands of dollars," which does not necessarily include all the long-term nursing and rehabilitation costs, assuming Barbaro survives.

I would bet that $50,000 was spent on this animal's care - at a bare minimum - which the doctor basically acknowledged had slim hope of success.

can provide a child with food, clothing, support for his family and an education for $382 per year. So for my extremely lowball figure of $50k, 130 children could have been fed this year.

The priority ought to be people, people.

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