04 January 2007

Of course he is kidding ...

But Scott Ott over as Scrappleface.com is on to something here.

(2007-01-04) — Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, became the first female Speaker of the House today, and immediately called for a ban on abortion to promote social justice because almost 60 percent of aborted children are ethnic minorities.

“It took a long time to get a woman Speaker,” said Rep. Pelosi, “because we killed off 30-to-40 million potential Democrat voters in the last 35 years. Otherwise, by now we could have had a black lesbian Speaker, universal tax-funded healthcare, and a ban on ownership of guns, personal automobiles and private investment accounts.”

The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling, she said, was “a Republican plot to wipe out non-white racial groups, especially the poor, and thus to slow the growth of the Democrat party.”

He does not reference the stats, but it is consistent with what I have read that the the numbers of abortions that are devastating ethnic minority communities does amount, in my opinion, to a tragedy of enormous proportions in the black and hispanic communities in this country, and I strongly suspect the native community in Northern Wisconsin.

Now, I am not an absolutist on the abortion issue. I do not want to see abortion made illegal. I am, however, increasingly conservative on the issue, finding that the justifications that I would accept as rationale for an abortion are decreasing in number.

My journey goes like this. A long time ago, I had the whole issue wrapped up in a neat set of ideas about trimesters and viability outside the womb. This got messier and messier as medical advances pushed the viability envelope back further and further. I also have a notion that part of the definition of being human is to be in relationship.

All my neat litle theories went out the window in September 2002 when I walked out of a doctors office having heard the heart-beat of a child that I would not hold for 6 more months. (Oh, I held him within moments of birth, but up to then, it was his mother's job.) But 6 months ante-birth, I had a relationship with that kid, and he was human.

I have not gotten involved in the pro-life movement because I do not believe that this is a political issue, and I do not want to carry signs or sign petitions. I believe that every individual facing an unplanned pregnancy is in the midst of a personal tragedy of Shakespearian proportions, and I am interested in helping those in crisis.

So I am the chair of the steering committee which is incorporating the Northwoods Pregnancy Resource Center here in town, and we will seek to affiliate with Carenet, so that we can walk along side those in crisis and help where we are able.

I will keep you posted on our progress in opening the center.

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