28 January 2007

I have never understood ...

...why the left is so supportive of regimes and cultures that would silence them in a heartbeat.

The left is made up of, among others, feminists, many gay activists, "free speech" advocates and various members of what we referred to on the west coast as the "granola" culture. They have this notion that the US should not have invaded Iraq or, in some cases, even Afghanistan. They have a fascination with Castro's Cuba and a deep respect for the butchers who ran Hanoi at the end of the Vietnam war (when the left handed over the south by cutting off funding.) Oh, and most of all, close Gitmo and set those poor mistreated freedom fighters free!

Yet these very regimes and cultures which the "progressives" seem to value so much would just as soon behead the members of the left if they were to take over.

Now, at last, at least one member of the MSM gets that. From a column by Alicia Colon, writing in the New Orc Sun, quoting a speaker named Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

A few highlights of her speech follow: "Sixty years ago it was the Nazis in Europe who were bent on exterminating in the name of racial purity. Today it is a global network of radical Muslims who call for a holocaust in the name of their faith"; "Human beings are equal; cultures are not"; "A culture that spends millions on saving a baby girl's life is not equal to one that uses its first encounter with natal technology to undertake mass abortion simply because girls are not welcome."

Ms. Ali made several comparisons between America's culture, which respects the rights of women, and the one from which she escaped. She was raised in parts of AfricaSomalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya — which were independent. The white man had exited, but she claims he did not take oppression with him, saying: "Almost all the bigotry and persecution in Africa nowadays is committed by blacks against other blacks." Speaking from experience, she listed acts such as mutilation, beatings, rape, and murder that were "committed against girls and women in the most intimate setting of all, the home, by dad or mom, by a brother or a sister, by a husband or his mother."

How I wish our left would accept the wonder of the freedoms and peace they take for granted even as they scream about imaginary intrusions on their freedoms by (take your pick): 1) the Bush administration, 2) Neo-cons, 3) the Justice Department, 4) the Patriot Act, 5) capitalism, 6) .... (list of imagined conspirators against the freedom to express themselves, expressed quite freely, continues ad nauseam.)
You are correct Ms Colon and Ms Ali: all cultures are not equal. This one is better than any I know.

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