23 December 2006

TEC's ENS: Experts at Spin

The Episcopal Church (TEC) is coming apart at the seams. ... which is, frankly, a step up from leaking members like a sieve.

At any rate, David Virtue, a layman who reports on the goings on in North American and worldwide Anglicanism, reports that St Stephen's Church, an historic colonial parish in Heathsville, Virginia has, along with nine other parishes, voted to leave TEC.

This sort of thing is happening quite a lot lately. Members of so-called "conservative" (I would prefer "orthodox" or "traditional") parishes who find themselves unable to remain in a diocese with a "liberal" bishop (I would probably use "revisionist; Virtue like "pansexualist"), align themselves with a conservative African bishop and leave TEC.

A majority of the congregation at St Stephen's voted to disassociate with TEC and align with the Ugandan Anglican Church. The vote was a majority, and I do not have the numbers of the actual vote, but TEC's Episcopal News Service described the 30 folks who voted not to leave TEC as " a Large, Viable Remnant."

Well, since the 2003 figures show that average worship attendance at all protestant churches is 89, that means TEC is in bigger trouble than they know, if 30 is considered large.

Or they are lying ..... I mean "Spinning" through their teeth.

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