23 December 2006

Misdirected sensitivity training

The NAACP, a once vaunted and now, of what I read, mostly silly organization, has made the news in San Jose, Ca.
A school bus driver made black high school students sit at the front of the bus, triggering charges of segregation from the students, and an investigation by the school district and a civil rights group.About two dozen black students were made to sit at the front by the driver, who said he wanted to keep an eye on the students following a fight between two of them on Oct. 31.

The driver's name wasn't released by the school district.

The students claimed the driver assumed all of them were troublemakers, and complained.

Seating practices have returned to normal, and the driver was transferred to another route, but the Santa Clara Unified School District and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People are looking into the matter."The fight did occur," said Tabbitha Kappler-Hurley, the district's spokeswoman. "How it was handled and what was said is part of a confidential investigation."

The NAACP has asked the school district to take steps to improve relations between staff and black students, who said they didn't feel comfortable riding the bus anymore.
It would seem to me that the NAACP should perhaps help the distict improve relations between the black students themselves, since a fight between two of them was what started this.

What ever happened to dealing with the root cause?

h/t: BOTWT

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