23 December 2006

I ought to resist (part 2)

Actually, on a completely different subject .....

Scooter Libby is going to go on trial for supposedly lying to investigators who were trying to figure out who leaked Valerie Plame's (or is it Plah-may?) name to the press. I have blogged on this and if you do not know what I am talking about, (1) you have obviously been hiding in a cave for three years and (2) you are in many, many ways quite fortunate.

Plame and her husband, gadfly blabbermouth Joe Wilson, have sued most of the registered Republicans in America for shortening her CIA career. From which she resigned. (?)

It seems that in the upcoming criminal trial, where even the Vice President in going to testify, Joe Wilson suddenly, for the first time in three years, does not want any attention. From the Associated Press:
"Mr. Libby should not be permitted to compel Mr. Wilson's testimony at trial either for the purpose of harassing Mr. Wilson or to gain an advantage in the civil case," Wilson's attorneys wrote.
Wilson and his attorneys are aware that once the civil trial starts, this sort of motion will not work, right? Or maybe this means he now seeks to fade into the background and vanish, and the civil case - which is apparently almost completely without evidence of a cause of action - will be dropped.

Could it be that Wilson read my blog entry or at least the title? Here's hoping.

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