23 December 2006

I once saw Barry Sanders play football ...

I once saw the Lions play the Seahawks at the Kingdump.

Now I never understood quantum mechanics because I was never could get my mind around this description that I had read about it (paraphrased).
Imagine a particle coming to an intersection, and it can go either left of right. There is an equal chance that it will go either way, and it must go one or the other. In QM, you do not say that a particle has a 50% chance of going left and a 50% chance of going right; you say that the particle is in a state of 50% going right and 50% going left ... until it actually goes one way or the other.
For some reason that is important, and I could never get my mind around it.

At the game I saw live, I was seated in the end zone up on the front of the second tier, so I had a view of the side to side action on the field. At one point Sanders was rushing toward a linebacker. Suddenly I understood QM! Sanders was 50% in a state of going left, and 50% in a state of going right ... right up til the moment the linebacker committed one way ... and then Sanders went the other. Awesome.

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