21 December 2006

History of the World Part III

For reasons beyond my control, I was listening to an NPR affiliate this morning for about 20 minutes. There was a discussion of the history of the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and how, during the Clinton administration, "neo-cons" were "exiled" to "thinktanks" where they "festered" with their "poisonous" world-views until Bush was elected. Then 19 "criminals" "attacked a farm field" and the World Trade Center and the neo-cons were able to "manipulate" the American people with "fear" and "lies" to carry out their evil America-dominates-the-world agenda.

The whole thing was so over the top it could have been written by Mel Brooks.

In fact, it turned out that it was a forum featuring Pulitzer Prize winning fiction author Seymour Hersh and Saddam apologist Scott Ritter.

Now I did not hear the whole program, but I heard no harsh questions. No challenges to the views or credibility of these authors. Just a say anything forum with a fiction-friendly host.

Remind me again: why do my tax dollars go to NPR?

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