28 December 2006

The Evils of Racism

The Duke Lacrosse "rape" case is going south, fast.

Opinionjournal has a good wrap up of the case to date.

This afternoon, the race-baiting D A, Mike Nifong was charged with ethics violations by the state Bar. I am not sure, but I think that these charges while a case is still extant are relatively rare, and sign that the state bar association does not think the case holds water.

The real loss here is that three realities will be shoved under the rug. First, it is tragic that when the word broke that a major college atheletic team had been so charged, it sounded so believable. Sad comment on the college culture in America today. Second, black people in this nation still are disproportionately represented as victims of crimes,and a false accusation will not help that. Third, rape is a real and life damaging crime for the real victims (ditto).

I hope, for the sake of real victims everywhere, that not only is Nifong disbarred, but that the "exotic dancer" is charged with making false statements to police, publicly shamed and jailed.

And that the idiots who jumped on this improbable bandwagon (including identity politics players like the black "leaders" of Durham and the Duke faculty will pay through the nose as the city of Durham makes good on the false arrest verdict in the lawsuit that they will certainly settle out of court ... or lose.

Hope the extra 2 months of time in office for Nifong was worth it all.

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