21 November 2006

Michael Richards acted like an idiot

The first I heard of Michael Richard's wash-your-mouth-out-with-soap moment was in this story, though I do not remember exactly which site I found it on.

Daryl Pitts, a Laugh Factory audience member interviewed by CNN, compared the incident to another recent celebrity controversy.

"You think about Mel Gibson and what he said, and put that in the context of this, it's very upsetting," Pitts said, referring to Gibson's anti-Semitic outburst during his arrest for drunken driving.

Scrutiny of Richards' remarks likely will continue but won't match the level prompted by Gibson's behavior because Richards is far less famous, Levine said.

And I was wondering how it is that one of the four stars of the most popular television comedy of the last decade was not famous enough!?!

I think that that is just an excuse to allow Richards to skate after a couple weeks while Gibson will continue to be pilloried. Why? Newsbusters explains it well:

My guess would be that "Kramer" will not get near the amount of venom spewed at him. Of course, "Kramer" didn't make a movie about Jesus that made millions despite Hollywood's best efforts to laugh it out of theaters, either!

After all, did Mel Gibson get 7 some minutes of David Letterman's show to apologize?

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