06 November 2006

Great Pictures make better politics

I would guess that by now everyone has seen this picture.

But a friend of mine sent me this one seen at the Army-Air Force Football game.

Which leads me to my political comment this morning. The tele-pundits are all over the news shows this morning with the news that the number of conservatives and Repubs reporting themselves as likely voters are surging in the last few days. I thank John Kerry for that. Not only for his bone-headed comment, but for his subsequent staunch refusal to issue an apology, and then, the next day, issuing a non-apology apology.

That provided a piece that the MSM could not ignore, and it has reminded the right / center what is at stake in this election.

Don't get me wrong. The Dems are going to have gains. I predict they will take the House, and be very close to taking the Senate. (Clear your schedule, Mr V P. You may have some tie-breaking votes to cast.) But the gains will not be as significant as they would have been sans Messr Kerry's comments.

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