27 November 2006

A great competitor

A friend and I were musing a few weeks ago about when we started to get old. Referring to a store we used to hang out at and play D&D - that has since been torn down - Pete's answer was, "When we started to outlive our buildings."

I am a Bears fan, and while there are teams I instinctively dislike, there are also other organizations and players in the NFL that I respect. Brett Favre is one of those.

Tonight he is starting his 232 consecutive game as Green Bay's QB. He has played in 36 different NFL stadiums, 13 of which no longer exist.

To put it in a different perspective, in the time Favre has been starting for Green Bay, my Bears have started 20 different QB's!

Congrats Brett.

BTW: Finally, a booth guest on ESPN's Monday Night Football who does not distract from the game. Charles Barkley was a complete distraction, as was Jeff Gordon (?) (or some NASCAR driver), as have been all the other celebs I have endured this season. Jimmy Kimmel though, was pretty funny and did not distract from (at that point) a pretty good game.

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