01 September 2006

What do you bet she says no?

I thought that the Administration had a stay from the court of appeals.

But since they consider this process necessary, I will go with it. From Fox News

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration on Friday asked a federal judge to delay enforcing her order for a halt to the government's warrantless communications surveillance program.

The Justice Department argued that ending the intelligence-gathering program threatens "the gravest of harms to the government and to the American public" and leaves the country "more vulnerable to terrorist attack."

"We respectfully submit that this court should not override the national security judgment of the president and the nation's senior intelligence officers regarding the harm that would result" from the program's suspension, the government lawyers argued in a motion filed with the court.

So what are the chances that this judge with a conflict of interest will back off her badly reasoned opinion? I bet none.

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