12 September 2006

The Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL

Watching NFL Primetime today, recorded at 1 pm Tuesday on tivo.

D' Bears positively stomped Green Bay. 26-0. Wrecked a 266 game streak with no shut outs. So what did Primetime devote its 3 minutes on the game to? The Bears D? The fact that the Bears offense scored a touchdown for the first time this millenium? No. It was all about Bret Favre. They did not even bother to mention that who was quarterbacking the Bears. They mentioned the score twice, but in the three minutes they devoted to the Bears-Packers matchup, here is the word count
"Bears" or "Chicago" - 3
Bears Players named individually - 4 of them, 1 time each (all of whom play defense)
"Packers" or "Green Bay" - 8
Other Packer Players named individually - 1
Brett Favre - 17 times, plus numerous pronouns, plus 25 seconds of video of his post game press conference.

Come on! I tell ya, I don't get no respect.

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