12 September 2006

People of Iraq, the Gentleman from West Virginia doesn't care about you.

Senator John Rockefeller, democrat of West Virginia said:
"The absolute cynical manipulation, deliberately cynical manipulation, [by the administration to sell the Iraq war] to shape American public opinion and 69 percent of the people, at that time, it worked, they said 'we want to go to war,'" Rockefeller told CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. "Including me. The difference is after I began to learn about some of that intelligence I went down to the Senate floor and I said 'my vote was wrong.'"

Rockefeller went a step further. He says the world would be better off today if the United States had never invaded Iraq — even if it means Saddam Hussein would still be running Iraq.

He said he sees that as a better scenario, and a safer scenario, "because it is called the 'war on terror.'"

Unbelievable. And the Repubs get accused of ends-justify-the-means thinking in international relations. But the world would be better off today if Saddam was running Iraq? I wonder how the Kurds feel about that. Or Uday and Qusay's "girlfriends." Or the Christian minority. Or the Marsh Arabs. Or ...

Rockefeller also said:
"It's called the war on terror," Rockefeller said. "He wasn't going to attack us. He would've been isolated there. He would have been in control of that country, but we wouldn't have depleted our resources preventing us from prosecuting a war on terror which is what this is all about."

To which Secretary rice responded:

"The notion that, somehow, someone who had caused more than a million deaths in the Iran-Iraq war, someone who had invaded Kuwait, and we believe, was probably on his way to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, somebody who threatened his neighbors every day, who shot at our aircraft, who had broken out of an embargo and was using his oil wealth to build up an arsenal of weapons, that this is not a threat, in the world's most volatile region — I just think it's very, frankly, odd analysis," Rice said.
"Odd analysis." That's generous. As I have pointed out here, a significant part of the forces that were isolating Saddam was our deployment of troops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aside from the fact that that in itself constituted a depletion of our forces, it was also one of the top counts in Osama Bin Laden's indictment of the US (infidel troops in the holy land of Arabia, and all that.)

I wonder if we can get Kanye West to go on national tv and say "John Rockefeller doesn't care about brown people."

Hat Tip: Minnesota Democrats Exposed

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