19 September 2006

Low standards of proof

Bill Press, whining that he will not apologize to Karl Rove, opines
Armitage’s involvement doesn’t disprove the Rove conspiracy. It only proves it was a lot wider than we originally thought.
Last night, the History Channel reran one of their silly pieces on USO's. Unidentified Submerged Object. By Press's ttormented logic, the sightings of these
not only prove that UFO's exist, but that they have even more amazing capabilities - underwater movement - than we had imagined.

Press goes on to say:
As we soon learned, there wasn’t just one person at the White House going after Valerie Plame, there was a whole team. We knew Dick Cheney himself kicked it off with notes to Scooter Libby, scribbled on a copy of Wilson’s op-ed, to find out who Wilson was and how he got involved in the issue. We knew Scooter Libby, since indicted for lying to Fitzgerald’s grand jury, told Judy Miller about Plame. We knew Karl Rove talked to Matt Cooper and Bob Novak. The only thing we didn’t know was: Who was Novak’s primary source? And who talked to Bob Woodward?

The fact that Cheney asked his staff to get him information on someone does not prove that Cheney instructed anyone to tell anyone else anything. The fact members of the media called Rove and Libby and they answered questions is not unusual; this is how these folks operate. When asked if Plame was a CIA employee who had recommended Wilson and that is how he got the job, Rove's answer to Cooper was, if I recall the leaked testimony correctly, was, "Yeah, I heard that too." Hardly sounds like an intentional leak to me, and does not prove a conspiracy.

All Press, and the left have, are two groups of people who talk to each other and hear the same things. Armitage is chatty. Libby is unknown to me. But Rove is smart enough to give a little and get a lot.

It turns out, of course, that Plame was beyond the statutory definition of being a covert operative (she had been home too long.) And let us not forget that in the 9/11 Commission hearings, Joe Wilson turned out to have lied about just about everything.

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