10 September 2006

Left Wing Bigotry

From OpinionJournal.com

Tony & Tacky

Friday, September 8, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT
EYES WIDE OPENED: Travelers in Maine have long flocked to L.L. Bean's mother-ship store in Freeport and been delighted to discover that it really is open 24/7 and buzzes with shoppers even at 3 a.m. But none was so surprised perhaps as Alex Kuczynski on a recent visit. "I've long been a customer of Bean's fleece jackets and flannel pajamas," she reported in yesterday's New York Times, "and it never occurred to me that the company makes much of its profits from hunting gear. Wandering among the camouflage hunting outfits and Gerber Ripstop knives is like finding out your new beau is a member of the N.R.A., hates his mother and splits the check at dinner." The secret is out.

What is the connection between being a member of the N.R.A and hating one's mother? This is sheer bigotry. This "reporter" dislikes hunting, and so she assigns to those who hunt all sorts of negative characteristics.

My experience is that lefties are more likely to harbor animosity toward their parents and expect a woman to pony up (or put out) for dinner than those on the right.

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