01 September 2006

Blind in one eye ...

Fox News (on air) just reported (17:10 pm CDT) that there is now to be a special, three man commission which will look at human rights violations by Israel in the just completed Lebanon campaign. According to the reporter, "the panel will not look into alleged violations by Hezbollah."

Three weeks ago, Human Rights Watch, hardly a freind of Israel, said:
By adopting a politicized resolution that looks only at Israeli abuses in the current conflict, the Human Rights Council undermined its credibility and wasted an opportunity to protect civilians in the region, Human Rights Watch said today. The council decided to establish a commission of experts to investigate deadly attacks by Israel, but took no action with regard to Hezbollah’s murderous abuses. The council concluded a special session today in Geneva.

The question is, why do we even pay attention to th U. N. anymore?

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