25 September 2006

Bill Clinton = Rush Limbaugh

Apparently, Former President Clinton went off on Chris Wallace yesterday. I missed it, since I work Sunday mornings and my tivo was set to watch D Bears crush the Vikings. (Which they did not exactly do, but they won and that is enough.)

(Reveal: After going 0/2 in my preseason - too young to vote - presidential elections, I went 0/3 in my first three. Since then I am 4/4 in voting for the winner. Like I said, Veering Right.)

Caught David Gergen this morning on Fox & Friends. Gergen said (this is a very close paraphrase) that Clinton thinks that Democrats get bullied in interviews, including by the MSM, and one way to show that they are tough on terrorists is to get tough against the journalists who bully them. That will deprive the Republicans of the tough-on-terror issue this fall.

Ok. Let me see if I have this right. Using some of those steps of algebra that I no longer remember what they are called, then::

Being tough on journalists = showing you are tough on terrorists = being tough on terrorists

Being tough on journalists = being tough on terrorists

(Being tough on) journalists = (being tough on) terrorists

journalists = terrorists

Or, as Reuters would say, "terrorists."

After the photoshopping of the Lebanon campaign and the unmitigated support Al-Queda in Iraq gets from some of the MSM, I think Clinton may have a point.

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